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How to Choose a Proper Atomizer?

We gave some simple introduction to the features of one of the important part of e-cigarette. After posting it on platforms, we received many messages from new hands and those who ready to use e-cigarettes. They showed their admiration to our column. Of course, such concept seems simple for experienced players. But we still want to introduce some basic knowledge of e-cigarettes in the beginning and then go deeply gradually after comprehensive consideration. Our column launched just now. Thank everyone for your support to the column of vaping and hope you can continue to encourage us.

In previous columns, we talked about tobacco oil and main body. We will introduce atomizer in this column. The atomizer of e-cigarettes is a heating element. Powered by batteries, it can heal and atomize inner oil to produce smoke. Therefore, we can achieve the effect of "blowing smoke" when we smoke e-cigarettes. Nowadays, the atomizer can be divided into smoke cartridge (simulating traditional cigarettes), atomizer with oil storage and atomizer of oil drip. Its quality depends on its materials, healing core and making process. Today we mainly talk about the features of "oil storage" and "oil drip" so that you can choose a more suitable device for yourselves.

The atomizer of oil storage can roughly be divided into finished atomizer and DIY atomizer. It has a storage device so users can smoke continuously. It is the common choice for ordinary players.

1. Finished atomizer with oil storage
Finished atomizer means finished atomizing core. Its advantage is convenient using. We can change the atomizing core directly. Its disadvantage is high cost of using the core. One core usually costs about 4 or 5 USD. In general, we need to change our core once a week. If your using frequency is high-cost or the soot deposits into oil are more serious, the using time will be much reduced. Finished atomizer is suitable for new hands and those who have no time or are rich enough to spend a large sum of money on it.

2. DIY atomizer with oil storage
DIY, as the name implies, means we do it by ourselves. It is distinguishable from finished atomizer mainly because its atomizing core can be made by yourselves so it has a lower cost and more ways of playing. DIY atomizer can be separated into the inner storage and outer storage. The former one belongs to atomizing storage, where atomizing core works. The outer storage is for storing oil. In general, a full oil can ensure that you don't need to add oil in a day. There is an oil drain between inner storage and outer storage, which guides oil to the atomizing core by guiding-oil cotton. We will introduce how to make atomizing cores briefly in the latter columns. DIY atomizer can be divided into "flavor reference" and "smoke reference". DIY atomizer is suitable for experienced players.

Atomizer of oil drip output in a way of low resistance and high power. The low resistance can produce much heat energy in a short time to atomize lots of oil and produce big smoke. We can drop tobacco oil into the cotton on the healing core, which is the most efficient and quick way of guiding oil. So it is the favorable choice of senior players.

3. Atomizer of oil drip
Atomizer of oil drip has no oil storage. It just has an atomizing bin. While using it, we need to drop several drips of oil into the cotton and then we can smoke. After several smokes, we need add oil again. It usually has more than one electrode posts, which can be single and multiple. Without oil storage, there is a bigger space for making atomizing core. So players’ imagination can be fully developed.  Its low resistance and big smoke make it more suitable for smoke-show players and senior players.

Nowadays, there are also some atomizer with oil drip and storage and finished and DIY ones, none of them is the main current in the market. However, such atomizers provide more choices for players.

The above is what I want to share with you. Your messages and criticisms are welcomed. You can share your using experience with others. In next column, we will integrate whether e-cigarettes is harmless or not from the technical angel after synthesizing a few senior players' viewpoints. Let us play e-cigarettes together happily. Please look forward!

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