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Vandy Vape Govad RDA Preview

Vandy Vape, formed last year has surprises vapers with many its outstanding atomizers including the Vandy Vape Mesh RTA and the Bonza RDA. However, do you still remember its first releases-the Govad RDAs, a collaboration of a team member from the Geekvape and Vandy Vape. It seems that this release has shock the market. Let's have a look at it.

The Govad RDA comes with a Govad deck which adopts almost the same look as the Hadaly deck. The deck also has two airflow inlets that are placed on the either side of the deck. Apart from the side airflow inlets, it also has two bottom airflow inlets which can heat the coil from the underneath. This offers you more choices and you can choose to use which air inlets and have a different vaping experience.

The spring-loaded clamp system which can be found in many some RTAs has the ability to make the whole building of the Govad deck a piece of cake especially when used with a large single coil. This is also one of the outstanding of this Govad RDA.
The Govad RDA is receiving great popular from vapers of a wide range. With the side airflow inlets as well as the bottom airflow inlets, this RDA can deliver you with satisfying vaping experience simply by adjusting the side port or the bottom slots and you can enjoy a denser flavor experience. It seems that the Govad is best compatible with a single coil. However, if you want to use dual coils, you can also make it come true and you can find this by yourself.

Apart from those extraordinary features, the Govad also has a fashionable looking. We are hoping that Vandy Vape will continue to deliver customers with outstanding atomizers with a reasonable price.

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