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IJOY CAPO SRDA KIT - Your First Squonker Kit

If you want to enter into the world of vaping as well as the world of squonking, an easy-to-build and simple-to-use device is what you need now! IJOY, specializing in making squonk mod, launched its another brand-new squonk mod that is both easy to maintain and operate. Today, we are going to have a look at the IJOY CAPO SRDA kit which is also considered the best entry vape kit for squonkers.

Powered by 20700/18650/21700 battery, the mod is capable of outputting 100W, adequate for your daily use. With the fire button and the Squonk bottle at the same side, you can view the e-liquid level when you are vaping. Equipped with a semi-rebuild system, the CAPO SRDA kit is convenient in exchanging the pre- made coil with rebuild decks, finishing the whole process in no time so that you can enjoy vaping as soon as possible.

There is an innovative pre-made coil, you can use the coil to for several times just by changing the cotton. The squonk bottle is large enough for you to hold 9ml e-liquid and it can satisfy your daily use. What’s more, the squonk bottle is very solid so that it is more durable than any other squonk bottles made of ordinary silicon. It is estimated that the squonk bottle of the CAPO SDRA kit is at least ten times durable than common squonk mod. Apart from so many functions, it is very fashionable with many finishes, always a one you like!

Finally, if you are looking for your first squonk mod or if you want to change squonk mods, the IJOY CAPO SRDA Kit will never let you down!

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