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Vandy Vape Bonza RDA Preview -- Not Only A Visual Feast

Vapers are in the pursuit of incredible vaping experience and enchanting design, so the function and appearance of the vape mod and atomizer are becoming increasingly important or most of the vapers no matter what grade they belong to. As a perfectionist, I am always trying to find the best. Also as a vaper, I am greatly satisfied the newest RDA from Vandy vape called Bonza RDA.

Why does it so appealing to me? Now I am going to give you my answers and I am sure you will love it as much as I do after having a clear knowledge of it. It is a partnership between Vandy Vape and The Vaping Bogan, an Australian YouTube reviewer, famous for his YouTube Videos. It is him who integrated his personal vaping style into the design of it. Therefore, it is a considerate vape.

Let's begin with its appearance. The vaping Bogan's skull-and-crossbones logo really impresses me. Holding it in my hand makes me look even cool. What’s more, the choice of color is also a great plus with colorful drip tips for added pizzazz. It is indeed a visual feast. As for its functions, Featuring a 24mm diameter and 25.5mm top cap, it is compatible with most of the vape mods. In addition, the RDA 100% suitable for the Squonk mod with a bottom feeding pin. Besides, the adaption of the uniquely fixed screw-clamp deck configuration is also an innovative move. Other features like the centered dual layout and the 2ml e-juice well all ensures that you can have an easy building and the improved flavor. In conclusion, this Bonza RDA really surprises you!

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