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Vaporesso VECO DEVIL Tank User Manual

The Vaporesso VECO Devil is the pinnacle of cloud chasing achievement within a Sub-Ohm system, featuring the Vaporesso Eco Universal Coil to deliver the most original flavor of your juice and easy coil replacement system guaranteed. Adopting the cup design of VECO family, it is still top fill and top airflow adjustment with expanded airslots, truly leak free design for a cloud chasing satisfaction.

How To Use
Adjustment of Air Flow: The top airflow system can be adjusted with slight twisting motions of the top lid which will not loosen its attachment to the pyrex glass.

Filling E-liquid: This easy top-fill tank will only ask of you to screw out the lid and fill in the chamber when the base is securely shut.Be sure to safely position the glass part when this process is in place to avoid spillage.

Changing Atomizer: Unscrew the base to simply remove and insert a new atomizer whenever needed. Pull the EUC out from the base and insert a new one. Screw the Base on. Wait after replacing to make sure the coil is well primed.

1.When using a new atomizer, after filling in e-liquid, let the tank stand for 2 minutes, so the ceramic coil can be saturated with juice before firing
2.Refill the tank before the tank becomes completely empty in order to avoid dry burnt or damage to the atomizer
3.Keep it out of reach of children and pet This device should not be used by persons under the age of 18 or non-smokers.

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