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Ti and Ni Temp Control Mode of IJOY Solo Mini

Are you using IJOY Solo Mini? Do you know how to shift Ni/Ti mode? Take some puffs to find your desired vaping taste before switching to TC mode. Press "T" button IJOY Solo Mini 3 times in quick succession to choose Ni or Ti mode.

1. To shift between Ni/Ti mode please make sure you are in VW mode.
2. Keep pressing the "T" button, the screen will go back to VW mode.
3. Press up and down to choose Ni/Ti mode, then wait 2 seconds and Solo Mini will enter the selected mode automatically. The defaults temperature is 450℉/ 230℃.
4. Press up/down button to set the temperature value, coil temperature can be adjusted from 300-600℉/150-315℃ range. The temperature will be increased in 5℉after each press.
5. The temperature loops between ℉ and ℃.

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